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        Ammonium carbonate

          Post Date: Oct 17,2021
          Expiry Date: Apr 15,2022
          Detailed Description: Cas No. :506-87-6;10361-29-2 Payment Method: L/C OR TT
        The purity of NH3 can reach 42%,it is mainly used in Medicine, paper-making industry, water treatment, agricultural chemicals and so on.

          CAS Registry Number:


          Synonyms: ;Diammonium carbonate;Ammonia sesquicarbonate;Ammoniumcarbonat;Ammoniumcarbonat [German];CCRIS 7328;Carbonate d'ammoniaque;Carbonate d'ammoniaque [French];Carbonic acid, diammonium salt;Caswell No. 042;Crystal ammonia;EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 073501;HSDB 6305;UNII-PDP691CN28;carbonic acid diammoniate;Carbonic acid, ammonium salt;Hartshorn;
          Molecular Formula: (NH4)2CO3
          Molecular Weight: 96.08
          Molecular Structure: 506-87-6;10361-29-2 Ammonium carbonate
          Safety Description: S24/25:;

          Company: Taixing Dongyu Chemical Co.,Ltd.     [ China ]          
          Contact: EXPORT MANAGER:JASON QIN;Xu Dongjian
          Tel: +86-523-87101222;82363896
          Fax: +86-523-87207188
          Email: damon@bright-industries.com
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