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        Home > Offer to Sell > Catalyst and Auxiliary > Catalyst > ISO Certified Factory Supply Good Quality Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous 7446-70-0 Catalyst

        ISO Certified Factory Supply Good Quality Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous 7446-70-0 Catalyst

          Post Date: Oct 15,2021
          Expiry Date: Oct 15,2022
          Detailed Description: Cas No. :7446-70-0 Quantity: 1Metric Tons
        Price:NEGOTIABLE USD Metric Tons
        Payment Method: T/T ; L/C at sight
        Aluminum Chloride
        Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous
        Aluminium trichloride,AlCl3

        Cas No.:?7446-70-0
        Molecular formula: AlCl3?
        Appearance: Light Yellow Granule or Powder

        Content?w/%≥ 99.0 98.5
        Fe ??w/ %≤ 0.04 0.08
        Water insolubel w/%≤ 0.05 0.30
        Heavy Metal ?w/%≤ 0.006 0.04
        Free aluminum w/%≤ 0.010 ——

        Product Description: White or light yellow granule or powder, relative density ?2.44(25℃), ?Melting Point 190℃(253KPa),incombustible, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride. Slightly soluble ?in ?Benzene. ?Strong water absorbing ability. Extremely easy to deliquesce. When exposing to the air, it could easily absorb ?the water and is hydrolyzed to hydrogen chloride. Strong causticity. Form complex compound with many inorganic or organic compound. And the formed products are all easy to decompose.

        Application: It is one of the most important inorganic chemical products. It is mainly used in alkylating?agent?for detergent production, synthesis of pharmaceuticals, synthesis of dyes, synthesis of rubbers, detergent, fragrance etc. Besides, it is also an import catalyst, it is widely used as catalyst in the Friedel-Crafts reaction. Most Aluminum Chloride is mainly used as catalyst all over the world and small amount are used as non-catalyst.?

        If you have any demand about my products.
        please enquiry me sophia at kaihongchem dot com.

        Our main products are 2-Ethyl-anthraquinone. Aluminum Chloride.Polyaluminium Chloride PAC. Bronopol. DBNPA. HBCD.Carbohydrazide. SodiumBromide. DBNE DBNPA20%.2,2-Cyanoacetamide HBCD?Masterbatch. BDDP. Sodium?bromate Flake Graphite etc.

          CAS Registry Number:


          Synonyms: ;Aluminum trichloride anhydrous;Aluminum chloride;Aluminum standard concentrate 10.00 g Al;Aluminium chloride anhydrous;Aluminium trichloride;ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE HEXAHYDRATE;Aluminium chloride;Anhydrous aluminum chloride;trichloroaluminum hexahydrate;Aluminum chloride,anhydrous;
          Molecular Formula: AlCl3
          Molecular Weight: 133.3422
          Molecular Structure: 7446-70-0 Aluminum chloride
          Hazard Symbols:  C:Corrosive;
          Risk Codes: R34:;
          Safety Description: S28A:;

          Company: Shandong Yubin Chemical Co Ltd     [ China ]          
          Contact: Sophia Wang
          Tel: +86-536-8503888
          Fax: +86-536-8103888
          Email: sophia@kaihongchem.com
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